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Baccarat Odds

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Facts and figures relating to Baccarat

Getting your head around the different fact and figures relating to the game of Baccarat is not as hard as you may think

Below is an overview of the odds and other valuable information pertaining to the game of Baccarat, it will help you get a better understanding of how the game works and pays

1. Baccarat is a non progressive game, with only three possible outcomes and wagering options.

2. You can bet on whether you think the Dealers hand will win, the Bankers hand will win of whether the game will end in a draw.

3. The house commission is the industry standard 5% which will be removed from winnings before being credited to your credit meter.

4. The Tie bet can and does vary from casino to casino, but you will usually find it is either 6-1, 7-1 or possibly 8-1, obviously if you like playing the tie bet you should be looking for the highest payout offered, so do shop around.

5. The cards are dealt face up, this does not effect the gameplay it is just easier and quicker to deal the cards this way.

6. Autoplay is not available on the Baccarat game.

7. The number of decks used in Baccarat can vary but Microgaming tend to use just the one deck and Real Time Gaming powered sites tend to use 6 decks.

8. A random Number generator is uses at online casinos to determine the cards dealt, this ensures a completely fair game is in operation at all times.

9. Major online casinos will publish each month a review of the pervious months results of all their games by way of payout percentages, keep your eyes open for these certificates as they ensure you all do receieve a fair paying game whenever you play.

10. High limit Baccarat is also available at our selected Microgaming powered casinos, they are not available to US players.

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