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Baccarat Hints and Tips

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Baccarat Hints and Tips

Below are our top ten hints and tips for playing the game of Baccarat.

1. The suits of the cards have no meaning whatsoever in the game of Baccarat and no bonus payouts are achieved for getting a hand with matching suits.

2. Never forget that the playing cards 2 through 9 count as face value, and all cards totals will be added together to get your score.

3. The cards that count as zero are either a 10, Jack, Queen, or a King.

4. If you get dealt an Ace then this will count as a one.

5. If you are playing a system then remember that there is a house edge of 5% on winning Player wagers.

6. If the Player place your on either the Banker or Player and the result is a Tie, the wager will be deemed to be a push and stakes returned.

7. If you have never played Baccarat before then try it out in free play mode first to ensure you fully understand how the game runs and operates.

8. You can adjust the stakes you are playing for by simply clicking on the chips at the side of the table, this will raise or lower the value of your wager accordingly.

9. You are free to keep track of all cards that have been dealt and in Real Time Gaming Baccarat they use six decks of playing cards.

10. Always try and set yourself a win or loss limit, due to the very volatile nature of Baccarat you can jump on both winning or losing runs at any moment so always take advantage of winning runs

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